We warmly invite you
to visit the Prayer Garden - spring through fall, 9 am to 6 pm or evenings by appointment. There is no admission charge. If you would like to bring a group please call to arrange time and details.

Prayer Garden pathways in a natural setting lead visitors into an awareness of Christ's suffering.  Walking through the garden, you will experience Jesus' great love - if you are looking for a place of quiet prayer, you will find it here.

Many people have walked through our garden located in the beautiful hills of Alberta.

Some comments of those who came to visit:
     - It is a beautiful island of God's peace and holiness on the Prairies
     - There are not words to express my quiet times with Jesus in this Garden
        and the impact on my life
     - I feel the Lord's presence here!
     - It is hard to leave.
     - I never really understood about Jesus' Passion until I went through this        beautiful Garden today!
     - It gives you a real inward sense of what the Lord has done for you
     - It is really my place of prayer and healing
     - Very few can walk through the Garden without sensing a deep renewal
        of repentance, and with it the joy of forgiveness, and the victory of the resurrection.

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